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About Us

From the time unknown, teachers have been known as the nation builders. Nation is not a piece of land but the people.

The task of the teacher has been to develop people. Although we know the task of a teacher, his or her hard to deny its role. This is because of a very good reason. The role of a teacher has been very versatile. Sometimes they are instructors, sometimes mentors, dvisers, counselors, motivational speakers and role models.

In the current scenario the whole world is fighting together with COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic also has forced teachers to take a new set of responsibilities. Now they have to be content developers, instructional designer, coordinators and technology experts as well.

Teachers always have to face a multitude of challenges in their professional lives. Despite the inherent nature of heterogeneity of learners in the classroom, the teacher has to motivate, inspire and impart knowledge and skills. In the view of the varying set of challenges a teacher has to face in the profession, they also need a constant influx of new knowledge, skills, feedback and guidance.

The SUPERTEACHER team is dedicated to equip teachers with the all round skills, which will in turn help them Play their role to the best of their capability.