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Certificate Course On Augmented & Virtual Reality And Student Engagement Platforms


3-Day Awesome experience on using booming technology in education AUGMENTED & VIRTUAL Reality. Transform your classroom into a hyper-engaging and next-generation classroom with pure ideas and no cost.
Bring the classroom experience to the next level using awe-striking Student Engagement Platforms.

Batch and Timings

Duration : 3 Days

Available Batch(es): 

  Date: Coming Monday
  Timings: 5:00 PM - 7 PM 


Detailed Program Structure

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in Education and Students Engagement Platforms

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
  • Utilize free Virtual Labs for Experiments and Activities.
  • Make use of Augmented Reality for simulating and engaging real learning
  • experience.
  • Design immersive learning lessons using Augmented Reality.
  • Open educational resources for AR and VR.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality which was once used in military training, is now started booming in the School and College Education. The AR in education enables students more freedom and independence when it comes to exploring topics and subjects.
With SuperTeacher, educators are trained to use AR and VR technology to use in their teaching lessons creatively and effectively.

Student Engagement Platforms
  • Dynamic instructions with breathtaking student engagement platforms.
  • Embedding real-time activities and interactives into the presentations.
  • Recording the students' learning activities to better track the learning curves of individual students.
  • Smart practices of making lesson plans and slides/ppts.

Educators will be trained with vibrant presentation tools in which lesson contents, questionnaire,
interactive and collaborative activities, quiz, 3D objects and virtual lab simulations can be embedded.
These platforms have been proven to enhance the students’ engagement to a high degree.
Educators will also be trained to automate recording the students classroom activities (individually and collectively), to understand and track the learning processes.



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Original Pricing: 1199 Rs

Discounted Price: 799