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Baby Steps to Coding and Cognitive Development (For Grade KG, 1 and 2)

Level A

Baby Steps to Coding and Cognitive Development


At the age of 4 - 7, kids start relating cause and effect in relatively abstract environments such as computers. This course, therefore, teaches kids how to get along with the computer and its basic elements, while providing a suitable environment for an early coding (or precoding) experience. They are introduced to the basics of Sequence, Loops and Events. Nothing drives kids towards learning more than seeing their creation working on the computer!

The course is further divided into three levels : Level A0 (for Kindergarten), Level A1 (for Grade 1) and Level A2 (for Grade 2).


Spatial Sense and Reasoning, Early experience of problem solving, Introduction to debugging, Sequencing, Sense of alternate ways, Cause and effect, Elementary idea on Events,  Safety in Virtual World.


Story Telling, Storytime line, Characters, Voice and Background sound, Emotions and Expressions, Drawing and Colouring, Premises, Story Plotting, Dialogue writing, Code Blocks HandsOn, Making a story using code blocks.

Learning Objectives:


  • Use mouse and keyboards for selecting and moving objects in the computer interface.
  • Demonstrate visual sense by recognizing colors and basic shapes.
  • Relate figures with real world objects.
  • Show ability to recognize orders and sequence
  • Demonstrate spatial sense
  • Make use of (expected) reasoning skills
  • Demonstrate verbal and non-verbal communication ability.
  • Demonstrate problem solving skills
  • Relate cause and effects
  • Analyze, spot errors and debug them
  • Plan alternate ways for a given task
  • Recall common terms in relevance to pre-coding skills
  • Make use of common safety rules while learning online.
  • Identify a message in a story.
  • Explain the premise in a story
  • Demonstrate oracy skills by orating a story.
  • Demonstrate basic drawing and coloring skill
  • Identify various human emotions
  • Demonstrate coding skills by animating a story
  • Enhancing story by adding animations in story.


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