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Mission E-Guru 2021


21 Hours very exciting course for teachers on 360 empowerment on Online and Hybrid Classroom with powerful skills on Authentic and Genuine E-Assessment, Student Engagement Platforms, Immersive Technology in Education - AR & VR, Powerful Open Educational tools, Simulation and Virtual Labs and much more.

Duration : 21 hours

Detailed Program Structure:

Module 1: Insightful Assessments With Gamified Quizzes and remote

  • Make use of authentic and well-designed question resources for the tests and assignments with remote proctoring.
  • Design interactive assessments using a variety of easy-open tools.
  • Gamify the class tests using attractive power-up platforms.
  • Administer formative and summative assessments online effectively.
  • Create multiple-choice assessment tests with a simple tool and automate the evaluation process of the MCQ tests.

Knowing the fact that the educational landscape has completely shifted, the assessment has become a challenge. It has become important to make use of effective strategies which allow you to assess the learning remotely so that you can use the assessment insights for proper remediation and better reflection.
SuperTeacher will train the teachers on these methods, tools and resources that would ease the preparation and conduction of assessment without compromising the learning outcomes.


Module 2: Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in Education and Students Engagement Platforms

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
  • Utilize free Virtual Labs for Experiments and Activities.
  • Make use of Augmented Reality for simulating and engaging real learning experiences.
  • Design immersive learning lessons using Augmented Reality.
  • Open educational resources for AR and VR.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality which were once used in military training, is now started booming in the School and College Education. The AR in education enables students more freedom and independence when it comes to exploring topics and subjects.
With SuperTeacher, educators are trained to use AR and VR technology to use in their teaching lessons creatively and effectively.


Student Engagement Platforms
  • Dynamic instructions with breathtaking student engagement platforms.
  • Embedding real time activities and interactives into the presentations.
  • Recording the students' learning activities to better track the learning curves of individual students.
  • Smart practices of making lesson plans and slides/ppts.

Educators will be trained with vibrant presentation tools in which lesson contents, questionnaire,
interactive and collaborative activities, quiz, 3D objects, and virtual lab simulations can be embedded.
These platforms have been proven to enhance the students’ engagement to a high degree.
Educators will also be trained to automate recording the student's classroom activities (individually and collectively), to understand and track the learning processes.


Module 3: Video Conferencing Tools and Virtual Classroom Management

  • Smart use of virtual video conferencing tools.
  • Comparing features of virtual video conferencing tools.
  • Identify various synchronous and asynchronous ways of teaching online.
  • Identify various hardware and software for virtual classrooms.
  • Emphasize the importance of basic privacy and security.

Many tools are being used in schools for online teaching. There are many smart features
that can be used to make the classes creative and effective in terms of class implementation.
SuperTeacher Training focuses on making teachers comfortable with these tools and features so they focus more on the delivery and the implementation is smooth.


Module 4: Learning Management System and Cloud Schooling

Cloud Schooling
  • Identify various cloud-based tools for classroom works and school administration.
  • Knowing various features of cloud schooling for an education
  • Create, collaborate, and edit documents on cloud-based word processing tools.
  • Make use of cloud-based spreadsheets to create mark sheets, analytical graphs and charts and maintain administrative records by applying advanced features in the spreadsheet

We help to create, adopt, administer, distribute and manage all of the activities related to e-learning or can act as a complement to classroom learning.

Learning Management System
  • Creative Virtual Classroom using free Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Manage learning, assessments, and assignments using LMS
  • Identify various add-ons to power up the LMS capacity.
  • Bring all the stakeholders in the school ecosystem onto a single platform.

Since we are dealing with students on virtual platforms, it is essential to keep an online record of each student. This is no longer the job of one administrative person, but of all the teachers too. Teachers would be trained to use the smart features of the virtual office tools like - docs, sheets, slides, and forms.


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