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Mission E-Guru 2021

7-Day very exciting course for teachers on 360 empowerment on Online and Hybrid Classroom with powerful skills on Authentic and Genuine E-Assessment, Student Engagement Platforms, Immersive Technology in Education - AR & VR, Powerful Open Educational tools and resources, Simulation and Virtual Labs and much more.






Duration :7 Days
Price : 1999
Certificate Course On Augmented & Virtual Reality And Student Engagement Platforms

2-Day Awesome experience on using booming technology in education AUGMENTED & VIRTUAL Reality. Transform your classroom into a hyper engaging and next generation classroom with pure ideas and no cost. 

Bring the classroom experience to the next level using awe striking Student Engagement Platforms.





Duration :2 Days
Price : 699
Program for Google Certified Educator Level-1

2-week Live Training Program for Google Certified Educator Level-1 for teachers and educators by Google Certified Trainers.

One thing that everyone must agree with, is “Google has really changed the way we learn if we compare with the world 10 years back”. And it continues to bring innovations in Education still. It has far more reserves of advanced educational tools than you may have imagined for it.

Google Certification as an Educator is not just a certification of mastery over google tools in Education but it’s more about rising up as a 21st century Educator. Put on the badge of prestige. Enroll for this course now!!

Duration :2 Weeks (12 Hours)
Price : 2499
Mastery Certificate Course On Open Educational Resources and Web Mining Techniques For Teachers

Throw out text-bookish and rote approach teaching. Take advantage of the most authentic and effective open educational educational resources in the web. Ransack bonanza of best educational contents high end animations, virtual labs and simulations, and applications. Smart

applications that allow students to do lab-work virtually at home.



Duration :1 Days (3 Hours)
Price : 399
Certificate Course On Learning Management System and Cloud Schooling

We have already switched to either virtual schooling or hybrid schooling mode. Take incharge of the management of the learning of your students in your hands. This course trains you with the ins and outs of the Open Learning Management System to manage learning, lessons, resources, assessments and assignments most comfortably. 




Duration :1 Days (3 Hours)
Price : 399
Mastery Course On Video Conferencing Tools and Virtual Classroom Management

1-day course on making the best of Video Conferencing Tool for your virtual classroom. There are undiscovered smart features which can be used to make the classes creative and effective in terms of class implementation. SuperTeacher Training focuses on making you comfortable with these tools and features so

you focus more on the delivery and the implementation be smooth.


Duration :1 Days (3 Hours)
Price : 499
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Level-1

Artificial Intelligence is the most promising area in technology that can solve the biggest problems in human society. This is the reason Artificial Intelligence is rapidly being adopted in the university as well school curricula across the world.

The CODEKICK Team has effectively designed “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” by using the best platforms available to make the topic relevant and suitable for the cognitive maturity of the kids. We are offering this course for grade 6-10.

Duration :20 Days
Price : 3115