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Key Stone Course on Computer Programming (For Grade 6, 7 and 8)

Level C1

Introduction to Coding and App Development


This course is designed in such a way that any student without prior coding knowledge can get started with it. It includes basics of coding and then further proceeds with Problem Solving and App Development.

App development activities for kids is a great way to give the platform discover and develop problem solving abilities in them. This course is a good way to get started with App Development. They learn to design apps using a block-based platform built on JavaScript. The Apps respond to the user interactions. This gives them an opportunity to make use of the multiple sensors available in their mobile phones and to convert their mobiles into scientific tools.


Basics of Computer Programming.

App Design Interface, UI and UX, Multiple Screens apps, Basic principle of Colors, Color Sleuth, User inputs, Events,  Buttons, Variables, Conditional statements- IF, IF Else, Logical statements, Test and Iteration, Spatial Interaction Programming and Event-driven programming.

Testing the applications, Debugging, Using advanced extensions, Best practices for project development and tracking, Smart Flow Diagram

Level C2

Game Development and Simulations


With this course, kids learn the basics of game programming. They start with the simple shapes then proceed towards making interactive games. Using simple programming concepts they make creative, interactive and personalized games, and simulations utilizing cross-disciplinary knowledge. This provides a good opportunity to be creative, original and inventive. 


Drawing simple Shapes, parameters, variables, randomization, sprite creation, Text and Labels, Draw Loops, keyboard and mouse input, sprite movement and reaction, conditionals, coordinates, velocity, collisions, functions and loops for complex sprite movement and reaction.

Level C3


Introductory Course On Python


Python is rapidly becoming popular due to its minimalized syntax, which renders it effective for use in the most promising technologies of the future : Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. This course takes a unique hybrid approach towards python programming. Learners start with a Block-Based platform for Python and gradually move to Text-Based Syntax. The lesson plan has been designed according to the concrete-to-abstract, known-to-unknown approach, which results in a smooth transition from the block-based programming platforms to the Industry Programming Language.


Mathematical operations, Logical statements, Input, Display. Creating, Structuring, Amending Data, List, Sets, Variables, Loops, Defining a function, Class, advanced mathematical expressions, Using turtle, Graphs, Importing and using Time, math, random, Introduction to python syntax with Turtle, debugging block-based python program, Debugging text-based python program, Using Python terminal on the PC.

Introduction to Big Data, Advantageous use of Python in Data Science, Overview of AI, making simple AI projects using python.



  • Complete Attention through the session and through out the course.
  • Customised Assessment and Analytical Report.
  • Teaching process based on the principles of Competency based Education .
  • Free Entry to National Coding Olympiad.
  • 12 Sessions of Bootcamp.

50 Live Sessions in Total. Every Week - Two Sessions.


One Teacher to one student

Price: 47999 INR Only


One Teacher to three students

Batch of three students.
Individual students can register.

Price: 34999 INR Only



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