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National Coding Olympiad Jr

National Coding Olympiad Junior

(Season 2)


We, the Superteacher Team, are collaborating with Wissenaire, IIT Bhubaneswar to organize the National Coding Olympiad Junior. Through this olympiad, we aim to find out the gems among the coders and to encourage their coding skills. 

The first level will be completely based on logical skills and reasoning. Those who perform well at this level will all be awarded merit certificates and scholarships. Further, the top performers will be given a week-long training by world-class coders, after which they’ll appear for the level 2 test. The top performers at this level will be awarded a merit scholarship, a chance to interact with the highly respected professors of IITs.

NCO Junior will be conducted in three categories:

  • Preparatory (Grade: 3 - 5)
  • Middle-school (Grade: 6 - 8)
  • Secondary (Grade: 9 - 12)


For each category, NCO Junior will be conducted in two levels:

Level 1 - Coding Attitude Test (MCQ based Online Test)

Level 2 - Coding Aptitude Test (Online Live Coding Competition)



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Level 1 - Coding Attitude Test: 

  • Level 1 tests the ‘Coding Attitude’ of the participants.
  • This level requires NO PRIOR CODING knowledge. 
  • This level is compulsory for all registered participants. 
  • It is a 40-minute online test consisting of 40 MCQs. 
  • Participants scoring 60% or more will be considered to have passed level 1, and will be awarded merit certificates and scholarships.
  • The top 100 among them will attend a 7-day training session, and will then appear for Level 2.

            Level 2 - Coding Aptitude Test: 

  • Level 2 tests the ‘Coding Aptitude’ of the participants. 
  • Examinees will be provided with a topic, and they need to think up an idea and make a creative, yet simple program using ONLY Scratch 3.0.
  • During the level 2 test, participants have to be live via video conference.
  • This challenge will have a duration of 60 minutes, which will not be extended in any case.
  • The top 10 performers will be felicitated by Eminent Personalities of Wissenaire, IIT Bhubaneswar
  • They will be awarded Cash Prizes, Coding Courses worth 1 crore




Event Description

April 1st

Registration starts

December 14th

Last date of registration

December 19th

Level 1 - Coding Attitude Test

 (No coding knowledge is required)

December 21st

Results of level 1 in each category will be announced and the top 100 will be called for level 2

December 23rd - December 29th

A live training workshop on Coding by world-class trainers

January 2nd

Level 2 - Coding Aptitude Test

(Basic knowledge of coding on Scratch platform is required)

January 6th

Announcement of Top 10 performers in each category in level 2, and felicitation of the same




(1) The school will be awarded a Certificate of Association from Wissenaire, IIT Bhubaneswar and SuperTeacher Edureforms Pvt Ltd. 

(2) 3 Workshops for the school from the SuperTeacher Edureforms Team will be conducted for free.

  • 1 Workshop on Pedagogy (For Teachers, Online Event)
  • 1 Workshop on Educational Technology  (For Teachers, Online Event) 
  • 1 Workshop on Creative Coding and Cognitive Development  (For Students, Online Event) 

(3) The Teacher coordinating the NCO Junior will be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation.


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What is the National Coding Olympiad (Junior)?

It is a joint initiative by Wissenaire, IIT Bhubaneswar and SuperTeacher Edureforms Private Limited, aimed to encourage students to step forward to code

How can I register for National Coding Olympiad Junior?

You can register for the event online through the registration form mentioned on this page

      Do we require coding knowledge to participate?

For the first level, there is no requirement for any coding knowledge. But the second level is a coding task, for which training will be provided.

     Who all are eligible to appear in the olympiad?

There is no eligibility criterion except the age limit for various categories.

     What is the minimum and the maximum age to participate in this event?

There are three categories, each with different requirements: 

  • Preparatory (Grade: 3 - 5)
  • Middle-school (Grade: 6 - 8)
  • Secondary (Grade: 9 - 12)
     Do we require a PC to participate?

PC/laptop is preferable, as the olympiad is completely online. But it may also be attempted on a smartphone or a tab.

Why should I participate in this event?

It’s a win-win situation for everyone who participates. Those who clear level 1 will be presented with a merit certificate and a scholarship. Those who clear level 2 will be felicitated by Eminent Personalities of Wissenaire, IIT Bhubaneswar and awarded cash prizes and scholarships worth 1 crore. 

     Will I get any participation certificate if I am unable to appear for level 1?

No, you have to appear in level 1 test at least. 

     Is it possible to directly skip to level 2?

No, only the top 100 (in each age group) are eligible to appear in level 2.

     What type of task will be in level 1?

The level 1 will consist of Multiple Choice Questions. Each question will have four options, out of which only 1 is correct.  

     What type of task will be in level 2?

In level 2, the participants are to write down a simple code according to the given instructions, within the time limit. 

     Are the tasks very difficult to do?

No, they will not be very tough, but not too easy, either!

     Is there any registration fee?

Yes, INR 199 per student.

     When will the registration begin?

The registration is open and you may apply till 14th December 2021.

     What is the last date for registering?

It is 14th December 2021.

     How do I prepare for National Coding Olympiad Junior?

For the level 1 test, you need to practice basic mathematical skills (arithmetic and so) and logical reasoning skills. Level 2 needs some coding knowledge, for which training will be provided.

     Where is the examination venue?

The examination is totally online: the venue is your own home/school.

     Whom should I contact in case of further queries?

You can contact 6302394897 or 9904882000 or 7032877909. Or you can email

     What is the mode of payment?

Online payment or consult your school management for the same.

     Will I be refunded if I register but couldn't appear for the olympiad?


     How will I receive information about the olympiad after the registration?

The information will be sent to your mail. Kindly make sure you enter the correct e-mail address while registering

For further queries, you may contact : 6302394897, 9904882000, 8919013906


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