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Coding Quotient

IQ and CQ tests

An intelligence quotient (IQ) is a score designed to assess human intelligence. Initially, IQ was obtained by administering an intelligence test, the result of which was the person’s “mental age”. This was divided by the chronological age, and the result multiplied with 100 was the IQ. Later, the IQ tests were updated multiple times to be relative instead of absolute: the final score was calculated by comparing the performance with that of a large number of individuals. Nowadays, there are multiple different individually administered IQ tests. The Coding Quotient (CQ) test was developed by the R&D team of SuperTeacher EduReforms Pvt Ltd (STEPL). The outcome of the test is a score called CQ, which is accompanied by a meticulous analysis of the individual’s coding attitudes.

CQ vs IQ

Conventional IQ tests are heavily inclined towards pattern recognition skills, and overlook many essential skills such as algorithmic thinking, abstraction, problem-solving ability etc. A high IQ score only alludes to how quickly (or easily) the individual can comprehend new concepts, but nothing is mentioned about creative insight or the applicability of intelligence. Further, due to there being multiple types of tests, there is a huge discrepancy in the difficulty and discriminative indexes. As a result, such scenarios are common where a person scores 105 in one IQ test, 95 in another, and 120 in yet another!

The CQ test, on the other hand, has been developed specifically to address the coding ability of individuals, as the result of long hours of brainstorming by an R&D team consisting of psychometricians, data scientists, and subject matter experts. It is composed of many assessment items, each item mapping various fragments of the coding attitude spectrum by Cognitive Diagnostic Modeling. The CQ score is reinforced by a detailed account mapping the coding attitudes which highlight the strengths and challenges of the individual. Thus, two individuals may have the same CQ score, but never the same coding attitudes. This also provides an insight into the best future paths the individual could be proficient in, helping to plan the roadmap to success.'


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