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All India Test for CBSE Grade 10 - Science and Maths for Free

As we all know, NEP 2020 has affirmed the need to move from rote to competency based learning. Accordingly, the Board has taken multiple steps towards the implementation of Competency Based Education (CBE) in schools. 

In this context, the Board has released Circular corresponding changes in the Examination and Assessment practices for the year 2022- 23 to align assessment to Competency-Based Education.
According to this circular, for Grade 9 to 12, the modified scheme consists of 40% Competency-based Questions and 20% of Objective Type questions.

These Competency Based Objective Type questions are very essential for the students to score good marks. In the Last year, it was proved that a lot of students were spectacle about these MCQs and lost a lot of marks regarding the same.
We would like to prepare the students with these questions in regard to the first chapters of Science and Mathematics.

If you wish to register as a school to receive the detailed report of the students, kindly register with the below link



Why should you attempt All India CBSE Grade 10 Online Test?

It’s important for school leaders, teachers, and students to know the new assessment structure (Modified Scheme for 2022- 2023) and be well prepared for it by practicing the Test.

How to attempt All India CBSE Grade 10 Mock Test?

After registration, you will receive an email with all the details.

Using Smart Phone/Tablet (iOS/Andriod):

  • Download SuperTeacher Official Live Learning App:
    Org Code: kapa
  • Verify your mobile number or by using email address by using OTP
  • Go to Batches and click on "Request to join". Enter the Batch Code: cbsegrade10. We will accept your request soon and the test will be live in the batch at the specific slot selected.

Using Smart Computer/Laptop:

  • Click on:
  • Log in using your Mobile Number or email address. You will receive an OTP to complete the verification.
  • Go to Batches and click on "Request to join". Enter the Batch Code: cbsegrade10. We will accept your request soon and the test will be live in the batch at the specific slot selected.

How can I register for All India CBSE Grade 10 Test?

You can register for the event online through the registration form mentioned on this page

Who all are eligible to take part in the Test?

CBSE Grade 10 students.

Do we require a PC to participate?

The Mock Test will be conducted online and the Test is compatible with all devices (including smartphones and Tablet)

Will I get any participation certificate after attempting?


Is the Test very difficult to do?

No, they will not be very tough, but not too easy, either! It is as per the Board Exam paper with Rationalized Syllabus

Is there any registration fee?

No, it is free.

When will the registration begin?

The registration is open now

What is the last date for registering?

30th July 2022

Where is the examination venue?

The examination is totally online: the venue is your own home/school.

Whom should I contact in case of further queries?

You can contact 6302394897 or 9904882000 or 8919013906. Or you can email [email protected]

How will I receive information about the Test after the registration?

The information will be sent to your mail. Kindly make sure you enter the correct e-mail address while registering

For further queries, you may contact : 1800 123 7765, 9904882000, 8919013906