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Stepping Stone Course on Coding and Cognitive Development (For Grade 3,4 and 5)

Level B1

Stepping Stone to Coding and Cognitive Development



At the age of 7 - 11, the kids’ minds are at the zenith of their imagination and creativity. This course offers Creative Computing relevant to the kids of this age: they learn how to create arts and stories using simple block-based coding. The course instructions are further divided into three levels : Level 3 (for Grade 3), Level 4 (for Grade 4) and Level 5 (for Grade 5).


Overview and discussion of smart devices in our lives. Games and animations discussions, Capacities and limitations of computers.


Conceptual understanding of how programs work, Spatial movement, Paths, Turns, Debugging, Basic Non-spatial commands, Digital Art, Introduction to binary, Sense of alternate ways and Loops, Conditionals, Events, Elementary Idea on data, Programing for coherent movements of characters, Digital citizenship, Basic digital etiquettes.

Creating animations, interactive artwork, Concepts of Game Design.


Learning Objectives:

  • Make use of the mouse and keyboards.
  • Show ability to recognize orders and sequence
  • Demonstrate spatial sense
  • Demonstrate verbal and non-verbal communication ability and reasoning skills
  • Demonstrate problem solving skills
  • Relate cause and effects
  • Analyze, spot errors and debug them
  • Explain what are computer programs
  • Outline elementary ideas of coding and its relevance.
  • Make use of non-spatial commands
  • Create a digital art
  • Relate need for alternate ways and Loops
  • Explain need for conditions and make use of Conditionals
  • Make use of common ‘Events’ in programs
  • Outline basic concepts of game design
  • Design Games
  • Design interactive artwork

After completion of Stepping Stone Course on Coding and Cognitive Development, students can take Introduction to Scratch. Post completion of this, the students can take the Advanced Advance Course on Scratch.

Level B2

Introduction to Scratch


Built on the core principles of creative computing, Introduction to Coding using Scratch is most suitable for the kids gearing up with Coding. With the block-based approach on programming this Course gives a unique opportunity to learners to express their imagination and creativity. 


  • Introduction to Block Based Programming Language - Scratch
  • Stepwise and Logical Thinking
  • Using Commands to Program a Character
  • Programming Multiple Characters for Mutual Interaction
  • Using Loops and Conditions
  • Creating Games, Animations and Interactive Stories

Spatial movement commands, Appearance commands - background, sprite, costume, clone, specifications and animations. 

Level B3

Advanced Course on Scratch



Advanced Course on Coding using Scratch (Level 2) provides an exposure to create Interactive Stories, Games, Visual Art, Custom Sound, Animation and simulations. Here students use 

Further, it can be used with many easy extensions (like Video Sensing, Text-To-Speech) which results in near-endless possibilities. It can be used to make 


Programming with  variables, mathematical operators, control. Events and logic based on mouse pointer, keys, colour, sound, edges and position. Fiddle with sound level, pitch, panning. animating sprites, interaction among multiple sprites. Creating and using


  • Using variables for smart and advanced programming.
  • Using lists for storing data and attributes of your characters. 
  • Use Sound Manipulation to give the user environment a life with awesome sound effects
  • Take you games and stories to the next level using video, audio and other advances sensing elements
  • Multiple character interactions and effects
  • Using custom blocks
  • Making the sprite chase, making the sprite fly, creating different stories...and much more.


  • Complete Attention through the session and through out the course.
  • Customised Assessment and Analytical Report.
  • Teaching process based on the principles of Competency based Education .
  • Free Entry to National Coding Olympiad.
  • 12 Sessions of Bootcamp.

50 Live Sessions in Total. Every Week - Two Sessions.


One Teacher to one student

Price: 47999 INR Only


One Teacher to three students

Batch of three students.
Individual students can register.

Price: 34999 INR Only



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