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Summertime has a many-fold effect on school kids: it brings a long break from studies,  and a lot of free time for hobbies, games, relaxation, and fun! After all, continuously too much studying without a break hampers the learning process. On the other hand, time is the most precious resource for a human; it shouldn’t be squandered off lightly! Wouldn’t it be good if one could learn something useful without the pressure, yet have fun during the process?

Your search ends now!
SuperTeacher Edureforms presents to you,
Curiosity : India’s No. 1 virtual coding summer camp. Aimed at young learners who make the most out of everything, it's a great opportunity to make the break fruitful. The live classes include hands-on and unplugged activities, coding attitude tests, and independent projects that will result in an unforgettable summer adventure. 


In the camp, the learners will:

  • Build computational thinking through coding

  • Learn how to work alone, by doing individual projects

  • Discover their personal passions

  • Challenge themselves

  • Build Smartphone Apps and Games

  • Expose to emerging trends in educational technology

  • Make them more confident to take on an increasingly tech-dominated world

  • Encourage their creativity and critical thinking







Today’s age is the age of information; smartphones, robots, apps, programmes, small businesses, etc all require coding. As everything becomes more and more automated and intelligent, coding-related jobs will be both lucrative AND essential in the near future. In agreement with the above fact, the ministry of education has included compulsory coding for grades 6 and above in the recent National Education Policy.

The camp will help students bloom their inner coder in preparation for the future. Additionally, as polishing one’s coding skills improves creativity and critical thinking; it also translates to better performance in other subjects too! If we quote a wise man “The future belongs to coders and storytellers”. Curiosity addresses both skills.


The best part - everything is taught from level zero; no previous coding knowledge is required! 




Curiosity - The Virtual Coding Summer Camp Includes:

  • 40 hours Interactive Live training classes by world-class trainers

  • Structured and Comprehensive Curriculum

  • 20 hours Independent projects

  • Coding Attitude Test

  • Complete support on Coding Platform

Thus, Curiosity is a comprehensive package: it caters to a wide spectrum of skills required to be a successful coder and entrepreneur of the future!

Points to be noted:

  • The minimum technical requirements like Internet connectivity are required.

  • A friendly refund policy is available.

Season 1 of Curiosity is Closed.
Season 2 coming soon...


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Course Description

  • Basics of coding (with Scratch)

          Built on the core principles of creative computing, Scratch is good for the kids gearing up with Coding. It's a Block-based Programming Language and its comprehensive set of commands gives a unique opportunity to learners to express their imagination and creativity. Further, it can be used with many easy extensions (like Video Sensing, Text-To-Speech, LEGO) which result in near-endless possibilities. It can be used to make Interactive Stories, Games, Visual Art, Custom Sound, Animation, and simulations.

  • App/Game Development

          With this course, kids learn the basics of App Development and Game programming. They start with the simple shapes then proceed towards making interactive games. Using simple programming concepts they make creative, interactive, and personalized games, and simulations utilizing cross-disciplinary knowledge. This provides a good opportunity to be creative, original, and inventive.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the most promising area in technology that can solve the biggest problems in human society. This is the reason Artificial Intelligence is rapidly being adopted in the university as well school curricula across the world. Artificial Intelligence is the umbrella term which encompasses Machine Learning, Big Data, Robotics, Evolutionary Computation, Neural Networks, and Natural Language Processing. 

Exposing children to Artificial Intelligence from an early age develops their ability to observe, analyze and make well-informed decisions. It teaches them to solve real world problems with augmentation of technology.


  • Python

          Python is rapidly becoming popular due to its minimalized syntax, which renders it effective for use in the most promising technologies of the future : Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. This course takes a unique hybrid approach towards python programming. Learners start with a Block-Based platform for Python and gradually move to Text-Based Syntax. The lesson plan has been designed according to the concrete-to-abstract, known-to-unknown approach, which results in a smooth transition from the block-based programming platforms to the Industry Programming Language.

  • Space Technology

           Discover how today's amazing inventions and technologies work while developing your coding skills. Recreate the technology that lives in space technology with code. The kids will gear up with Loops Space Tech simulation in Space Lab / Game Lab, Professional Game Design and many more.

  • Story telling

           Storytelling is an effective tool for learning and development in Kids. According to recent research, story telling for kids creates empathy in them, helps with their brain development and lays the groundwork for the development of social, communication and interpersonal skills. Usher them into the world of story-telling to encourage creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. Story telling boosts their listening skills, fosters their imagination, increase their cultural understanding, sharpen memory and imporves social skills.

  • Creative writing

Creative writing skills are very important for a young brain to process. They will learn new words, develop emotional skills and intellectual skills. These new experiences help them to develop a creative and curious mind and new ideas generate and encourage them to write from a very young age. A child can also demonstrate throughout the child’s words and storytelling abilities, which helps them to self discover and self express themselves. 
Creative writing also  allows the child to broaden their thought process and improve their problem solving abilities. It is also said that the child shows their opinions and develops their own voice.

  • Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting a business, it is the way you think and develop a skill set. We empower kids to create, invent, discover to their complete potential. This is a fun program to express and motivate your child and develop a mindset that they can use throughout their life, irrespective what they choose to become in their future.

  • Doodle Art

           Doodle Art is a style of drawing by way of scribbling. The drawings created with this method are concrete representational meaning or can just be composed of random and abstract lines. It helps kids to relax, be creative, stay focused, retain information, and a lot more.

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