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MasterCoders' Book

A New Age Computer Science Textbook by SuperTeacher

The world is going through the 4th Industrial Revolution, and needs extraordinary people to run it. There is a huge responsibility on the nation’s education system (and us as part of the system) to nurture our young generation to be wel-fit for the future workforce. 

SuperTeacher Edureforms presents the ‘MasterCoder - A program on creative computing’, a computer textbook based on CSTA & ISTE standards, and aligned to NEP 2020. 

Three Scale Progression: 

1. Foundation:

It focuses on Digital Citizenship, Cybersecurity, Fundamentals of coding, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. 

2. Discovery:

It is about applying the knowledge to develop applications, games, and websites. 

3 Expedition:

It is all about physical computing, and includes Robotics, Drone technology, and Internet of Things.


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