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STEP UP - A Master way to XL for Grade 10

Class X board exam will shape your future!

The situation right now is completely different and also the exam pattern have changed completely for you.

Numerous changes have been made in the CBSE exam pattern (including case-based MCQs, assertion-reasoning type MCQs, situation-based, open-ended questions etc). CBSE examinations are now more student-centric, transparent, and advanced.

It’s important for students to know the new assessment structure (Special Scheme for 2021- 2022) and be well prepared for it. Here's how to prepare for something so different, in the limited time you have!

R&D Team, SuperTeacher Edureforms Pvt Ltd with an extensive understanding of the new assessment structure and evaluation has designed this program called STEP-UP - A Master Plan to XL.

What is 

STEP-UP - a Master Plan to XL, is a comprehensive package for grade X students based on the powerful Spaced Repetition model and other cognitive models.

It's a three-pronged approach that prepares all types of students by answering the three burning questions:

First, “When to learn?” : It’s innovative algorithm provides a personalized master plan which guides the individual on when to study a new concept and when to revise it for effective retention.

Second, “What to learn?” : It breaks down the course into measurable learning outcomes and recommends appropriate physical and digital resources, and live sessions with top academicians of the country for preparation.

Third, “Whether I’ve learnt or not?” : It's a continuous comprehensive test series that tests all the concepts and provides insightful feedback with strengths and weaknesses analysis.

This helps in Flattening the curve as shown in the graph.


Program Description

A complete package of Test series of Science & Mathematics which contains a baseline and endline assessment MCQ tests each of 20 Marks for every chapter of Science & Mathematics.

STEP UP Test Series 

(Only For Grade 10th Students for Term I)

With respect to the situations in which the schooling of the students happened in the previous academic year, and with respect to the Special Scheme for 2021- 2022 released by CBSE where it insisted on a competency-based assessment, it becomes very important for the students to practice the right kind of questions. This will ensure their success in the new mode of examination, keeping in view the new mode of teaching-learning which is going on.

With extensive study and research, R&D Team - SuperTeacher Edureforms Pvt Ltd has designed the STEP UP Test Series Term 1 for Grade 10. Each of the test papers and each of the assessment items (questions) are carefully designed strictly according to the Special Scheme for 2021- 2022. The assessment items are MCQs of assertion-reasoning type, case-based, and allow the competency-based assessment. 


  • Subjects: Maths and Science.
  • The test series includes all 8 maths chapters and all 6 science chapters suggested by CBSE in the Special Scheme for 2021- 2022 (as it has reduced the syllabus)
    • For each of these chapters, two tests will be conducted - one baseline and endline.
      • Each of these chapter-level tests will consist of well-chosen 20 assessment items (MCQ questions).
      • For maths - 8 x 2 = 16 chapter level tests.
      • For science - 6 x 2 = 12 chapter level tests.
    • Before the Term-I examination 3 mock grand tests for each of the subjects (math and science). 
      • These mock tests will include the topics from all the chapters that are part of the term-I syllabus.
      • Each of the mock tests will be a structural replica of the CBSE Term-I exam. Each mock test will have 40 MCQs.
    • The test series consists of (16 + 12 + 3 + 3 that’s) a total of 34 tests, spread across the length of Term-I months.
    • Additionally, 3 Subject level Mock Tests for Social and 3 Subject level Mock Tests for English will be complementary.

Additional Benefits:

  • Student Report: Each student will get a detailed Student Report, which includes granular details of the performance on the competencies and concepts that were tested. The Report shows a clear roadmap for remediation if required.

Bonus Benefits:

  • The following high valued services will provide for as a supplementary:
    • Orientation program for students: A common online orientation program for the students on the Special Scheme for 2021- 2022: Term-I, Term-II, Internal Assessments, Periodic Assessment, Multiple Assessment, Portfolio, Subject Enrichment Activities.
  • Educational Psychometry Service :
    • 2 orientation sessions by our Educational Psychologists
      • One session at the beginning
        • Topics - Psychological angles on the learning and teaching activities in the pandemic situation, most common issues, most healthy practices of studying, managing the digital distraction, diagnosing and dealing with online bullying, Psychology thumb-rules for maximizing learning, Q&A, and discussions.
      • One session a month / 15 days before term-I exam:
        • Topics - How to best prepare for the term-I examination, Identify and deal with exam stress and fear, mind blanks in the exam, how to deal with it smoothly, psychology thumb rules to maximize performance at the examination, Q&A, and discussions.
    • Individual Tele-Counselling and Support: Students call at any point of time between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM for psychiatry counseling support pertaining to the exam preparation. Based on the case, counseling can be telephonic or on a video conference.


Academic Intervention 

The report generated for each of the tests in the STEP-UP Test Series forms the basis for the academic intervention and remediation. Students can opt for the academic intervention in combination with the test series. The remediation session will be conducted by Academic Intervention Experts. Although the remediation sessions will be in One to Many (OTM) format, our AIEs use evidence-based, student persona backed, and report-driven remediation methods.


  • For both subjects (Maths and Science) a total of 20 hours of remediation sessions will be conducted.
    • For Maths - 12 sessions (Each session of 1 hour)
    • For Science - 8 sessions (Each session of 1 hour)
  • The remediation session will be online.
  • The dates and timings will be shared with the students.

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